Wood Collaborations

Edensaw Woods is a mainstay for woodworkers around the world. Engroove is fortunate to open shop within blocks of this phenomenal source of North American and Global wood species. Edensaw Woods supplies wood and milling for Engroove tracks and other accessories. For photos and additional information about Edensaw, click here.

Cody Wayland of Wayland Constructive (WC) has been carving out a niche in supplying locals with micro harvest from several sources. Engroove is happy to offer urban salvage timber, solid sawn lumber and live edge slabs to suit your Engroove track, handle and door needs supplied by WC. To learn more about Wayland Constructive and to view photos from their shop, click here.

Just down the street from Engroove is Pacific Northwest Timbers (PNT). The Crew at PNT is passionate about bringing the beauty of reclaimed lumber to suit your building projects. Pacific Northwest Timbers is a treasure trove of beautiful salvaged wood. PNT has been recycling old barns for decades, a perfect match for Engroove to provide aged Barn wood for our “barn“ door tracks with potential for a custom matching door. Learn more by clicking here.