Edensaw Woods LTD

Engroove is honored to partner with Edensaw Woods Ltd, Port Townsend. They offer one of the widest varieties of wood species in the country, which you can select through our website wood species selection page. Edensaw is dedicated to utilizing responsible, regenerative, and sustainable wood sources whenever possible. In addition to being a realizable source for the highest quality North American and Global wood species, Edesaw also holds FSC certification through the Rainforest Alliance and is the founder of Edensaw Community Cancer Fund. ECCF is a 501(c)(3) non profit dedicated to directly supporting community members battling cancer. Edensaw gives 100% of profit for specially selected woods to ECCF. Their employees believe in this cause so fully that each of them donate to it monthly. Overwhelming inside support allows Edensaw to cover all foundation overhead costs, which means that every penny taken in by the foundation is directly dispersed to people in need.

Located just down the street from Engroove headquarters, we are honored to partner with Edensaw Woods Ltd, and their incredible staff. We encourage you to check out Edensaw in person or visit their website for more information.